Hannah Harper Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Dol

harperRealistic Vagina & Ass ($319)

One of the most realistic inflatable dolls ever made, this new love doll from PIPEDREAM EXTREME is modelled on pornstar Hannah Harper and features amazingly life-like fake pussy and ass made from Cyberskin material.

Definately a wise investment if you want more than just a fake pussy to get you into fapping heaven!

Japanese Anime Pussy & Panties

onahole-pantiesAnime Onaroid Onahole ($21)

The Japanese make the most unique and crazy fake pussy toys for men in the world.  Japanese fake pussies are always pleasingly tight and often are based on the ‘real’ vaginas of famous and cute anime characters.  This is a classic example, and the toy even comes bundled with a pair of sweet mint striped white panties!