Japanese Anime Pussy & Panties

onahole-pantiesAnime Onaroid Onahole ($21)

The Japanese make the most unique and crazy fake pussy toys for men in the world.  Japanese fake pussies are always pleasingly tight and often are based on the ‘real’ vaginas of famous and cute anime characters.  This is a classic example, and the toy even comes bundled with a pair of sweet mint striped white panties!

Clone Vibrating Vagina

clone-vaginaClone Vibrating Vagina ($28)

The CLONE promises to take masturbation to the most realistic level possible AND beyond.  A realistic and detailed fake pussy made from a new lifelike CLONE material, with the added extra of containing a sophisticated vibrator.  If you have never experienced fucking a pussy while having your penis vibrated then experience it now with this amazing sex toy.