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belle-knox-pussyBelle Knox Pussy ($26)
Belle Knox is the infamous young feminist who shocked the world when it was revealed that she hired out her sweet teen pussy to porn producers to supplement her tuition fees. With this realistic fake pussy moulded directly from her vagina, you can now not only fap watching her get fucked, you can fuck her tight snatch yourself!

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Lightly ribbed and accomodating, this lifelike pocket pussy from LoveHoney is an ideal beginner’s sex toy, or simply a good choice for those looking or a quality fake pussy in this price range. Its tapered shape means that the sleeve is very comfortable to grip while you slide it up and down your pole. Feels very realistic.

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One of the most realistic inflatable dolls ever made, this new love doll from PIPEDREAM EXTREME is modelled on pornstar Hannah Harper and features amazingly life-like fake pussy and ass made from Cyberskin material.

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